“To bring the world’s best coffee shop’s standards to the events scene. To sustainably source and produce throughout our business. To have fun with everyone around us!”

Here at The Coffee Gondola we don’t just care about coffee. We want you to have the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had, let alone in a field.

To ensure consistent quality in our drinks – wherever we are – is an ongoing challenge and we’re proud to use pioneering water filtration and bean-to-cup systems to keep us at the forefront of the mobile coffee scene.

In sourcing green beans directly from the farmer we aim to help raise producer profiles and help give back honestly to the root of the coffee chain. Mixing up our coffee suppliers keeps us on our toes and for the 2018 festival season we’re extremely excited to have a fully washed, grade 1, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from the Kochere region lined up. Working with Clifton Coffee Roasters in our hometown of Bristol, Tom will be preparing and roasting this delicious bean for each event – we’re already in love with it and think you will be too!

But coffee isn’t all we pay heed to; our extensive menu of fine teas and cocoas keep the whole family covered whilst our locally baked range of cakes and traybakes will satisfy that sweet tooth at any time of day or night*.

You lot can go through 500 litres of milk from us over the course of a weekend, and the general lack of attention paid to this major constituent of the coffee world has always surprised us. Investigating the UK dairy scene has really opened our eyes to the qualities and policies surrounding cows milk, including its wider-spread implications on sustainability. Hence, growing our network of independent dairy farmers has been a fun and interesting journey and we’re proud to now only use fresh milk from well-cared for, small herds of cows, locally to each event we do.

Of course, produce sourcing isn’t the only sustainability area when it comes to the mobile coffee industry and we’re well aware of the negative impacts disposable packaging continues to cause. We make our mark by using zero-plastic, fully compostable coffee cups and lids and always providing separate recycling bins for customers.

*All major diets and allergies catered for. We also provide Bonsoy, Oatly and a range of nut milks as alternatives to dairy.